Measuring Guidelines

Ribbon Backed Needlepoint Belts 


Needlepoint Belt Measurement

The best way to find your ribbon backed needlepoint belt measurement

 is to measure a belt you currently wear.  

  1. Lay the needlepoint belt on a flat surface

  2. Measure from the EDGE of the buckle to the hole currently used  for the belt 

  3. This is your needlepoint BELT MEASUREMENT. 


This is your needlepoint belt measurement

Length Requirements 

for Ribbon Backed Needlepoint Belts

Grosgrain ribbon backed needlepoint belts stitched length is 

2 inches LESS than the belt measurement



Width Requirements

for Ribbon Backed Needlepoint Belts

Standard FINISHED Width of ribbon backed Needlepoint Belts are 1 ½   INCHES

Needlepoint belts with a final width of 1 ½ inches  require an additional

2 ROWS of stitching on the TOP and on the BOTTOM

These two rows of stitches are folded over so the unfinished canvas will not show.

Binding stitched edges are an excellent way to finish your needlepoint belt edges. Please be sure the final width of your needlepoint belt is 1  ½  inches wide.  

Closure Options  

   for Ribbon Backed Needlepoint Belts

1.  Double D-ring closure in Brass or Chrome 

2. Center closure using ribbon.  


         Large Bows:  22" on each each side

         Medium Bows: 16" on each side 

         Small Bows: 14" on each side


         12" on each side

3. Bamboo O-Rings 

4. Interchangeable buckle



D-rings and Bamboo buckles will be placed on wearer's LEFT side.

Please note in special instructions if buckle should be on wearer's right.