Needlepoint Belt Finishing

Needlepoint Belt Finishing with Cotton Webbing 

We are so excited to offer Needlepoint belt finishing with cotton webbing and leather tabs!


Belts are finished by mounting your Needlepoint belt on 1¼" inch wide webbing or on 1½" webbing.

The needlepoint is folded and stitched onto your choice of webbing.

  " of webbing can show on the top and bottom of the belt


the needlepoint can be flush with the webbing

Remember to read Leather backed needlepoint belt Measuring Guidelines...

it will explain how much needlepoint is needed for your webbing choice. 

Please look at our leather choices and decide what color leather tab closure you would like for your belt. Not sure what to pick? Please send me an email and I will be happy to assist you.

Buckle Options

We use high quality solid buckles made of brass or stainless steel.