Measuring Guidelines

Cotton Webbing Backed Needlepoint Belts 


Needlepoint Belt Measurement

The best way to find your ribbon backed needlepoint belt measurement

 is to measure a belt you currently wear.  

  1. Lay the needlepoint belt on a flat surface

  2. Measure from the EDGE of the buckle to the hole currently used  for the belt 

  3. This is your needlepoint BELT MEASUREMENT. 


This is your needlepoint belt measurement

Width Options

for Cotton Webbing backed Needlepoint Belts

Depending upon the width of your needlepoint belt,

there are many options when one uses cotton webbing for finishing needlepoint belts

  "  of webbing showing on top & bottom

" webbing = 1 inch final width of needlepoint belt  

1½" webbing = 1¼ inch final width of needlepoint belt


Needlepoint is flush with webbing

1¼" webbing = 1¼ inch final width of needlepoint belt

1½" webbing = 1½ inch final width of needlepoint belt


Please add 2 ROWS of stitching on the TOP and on the BOTTOM

based upon your choice of the FINISHED width of your needlepoint belt

Length Requirements 

for Cotton Webbing Backed Needlepoint Belts

Cotton Webbing backed needlepoint belts stitched length is 

4 inches LESS than the belt measurement


Buckle will be placed on wearers LEFT side unless specified on the order form.

1 ¼  leather tabs and buckle are standard closure for cotton webbing backed needlepoint belts.

Please note your leather color choice on the order form.

If no leather color option is not specified, the standard leather color for

a cotton webbing backed needlepoint belt is Dark Brown.