Leather Backed Needlepoint Belts

Stitching a needlepoint belt takes time, one puts much thoughtfulness and love into each stitch.  I know because I also love to stitch needlepoint belts for my husband, my brothers, my daughter's boyfriend, and myself. I know first hand the time and love that goes into each belt.  That's why when I finish your needlepoint belt, I treat it as if it was my own needlepoint belt.  It is finished with with the utmost care. 

I purchase the best Bridle  leather available and it is manufactured by one of the only specialty vegetable tanneries located in the U.S.A. 

Extra time is taken to bevel and then burnish the edges of the leather.  These steps seal the leather, protects the needlepoint stitching and prevents the edges from becoming ragged and frayed.  Take a look at finished leather belts next time, you will notice the difference. The burnishing and painting the edges of the leather creates a needlepoint belt meant to last.

We stock different colors of leather.  Colors vary on monitors.  If you can not decide what leather color works best with your needlepoint belt,  I will be happy to match your belt with the best leather option.  Please make a notation on your order form. I will take photos of your belt with different leather colors and send it to you for final approval.

Buckle Options

We use high quality solid buckles made of brass or stainless steel to compliment your needlepoint belt.

Our buckles have a rounded edge or a square edge.  We offer buckles for needlepoint belts that are 1" width and 1 ¼ " width.  The 1" rounded buckle looks beautiful when finishing a needlepoint belt for a woman, the needlepoint width is the standard 1  ¼" , but the billet and buckle are 1" wide.  Most needlepoint belts for men are finished with a 1  ¼" square buckle. 


Finishing Prices


Leather Measuring Guidelines

Needlepoint Belt Measurement

The best way to find your belt measurement

 is to measure a belt you currently wear.  

  1. Lay the needlepoint belt on a flat surface

  2. Measure from the EDGE of the buckle to the hole currently used  for the belt 

  3. This is your needlepoint BELT MEASUREMENT. 


This is your belt measurement

Length Requirements 

for Leather Backed Needlepoint Belts

Stitched length for leather backed needlepoint belts

4 inches LESS than the belt measurement


Approximately 2" of needlepoint on each side will be cover by the leather.  

Width Requirements

for Leather Backed Needlepoint Belts

Standard FINISHED Width of Leather backed Needlepoint Belts: 1 ¼  INCHES

Width of belt supplied to finisher should be approximately 1 ½  inches


The additional width can be created

Option 1

2 additional ROWS of stitching on the TOP


2 additional ROWS of stitching on the BOTTOM


These additional rows of stitching get folded

over so no blank canvas will show on your needlepoint belt.

Option 2

Finish stitching your belt using the binding stitch

This is an excellent way to finish the edges of your needlepoint belt.   

Leather belt measuring guidelines


Finished Photos


Leather Backed Needlepoint Belts are beautiful pieces of artwork. Every belt has a story.  Please click finished needlepoint belt photos to see all the beautiful belts we have had the pleasure to finish.