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Hat Band Finishing

Sometimes, you stitch a belt, but don't want to use it as a belt.  Here's an idea...make 2 Hat bands out of the belt!  The hat bands look great and you can give one as a gift.

Our default size is 25 inch circumference, and enough extra ribbon to tie a bow.  Please take a look at some pictures of our hat bands.

Not sure what ribbon works? I will be happy to take photos of your Hat band with different ribbons you can pick which ribbon you like best for your hat band.

All our ribbon is made in the United States of America!

Marymac's Orange Hat Band .jpeg
diagonal stripe needlepoint hatband
Needlepoint purse strap
marymac Hat band argyle.jpeg
Needlepoint belt re-do into a hatband
Needlepoint Hatband
Luggage Strap made into Needlepoint hatband
zecca belt made into needlepoint hatband
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